JKA Asia-Oceania & World Championships

The JKA Asia-Ocean Karate Championships is one of the most important Karate events in Asia-Pacific region for JKA. The 1st and 2nd Championships were held in Bangkok, Thailand in the years 2015 and 2019 respectively. These events were huge successes with participation from Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, India, Indonesia, China, Philippines, Srilanka, Laos, Pakistan, Singapore, New Zealand, Taipei, etc.

The JKAWF INDIA was a participant at the 2nd Asia-Oceania Championship held in Bangkok in 2019.
The team was consisted of the following members:
Team Manager: Arindam Sikdar
Team Coach: Puneet Bhattacharya
Contestants: Madhusmita Singha, Adrita Biswas & Tanishq Banik
Support Staff: Binod Kumar Gond
Chef de Mission: Somnath Palchowdhury

All contestants and other coaches receive invaluable guidance (generalntraining, judge’s training etc.) of the leading JKA HQ instructors during such international events.

JKAWF INDIA members get opportunity to attend the selection trials to be included in the Indian team to attend the JKA Asia-Oceania and Funakoshi World Championships.

All contestants and other coaches receive invaluable guidance (general training, judge’s training, etc.) from the leading JKA HQ Senior instructors like Sensei Imamura, Sensei Ogura, Sensei Naka, Sensei Hirayama and many others  during such international events.

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