Affiliation Related Queries

I run a Dojo/ Fitness Studio / Martial Arts School. How can I join JKAWF INDIA ?

 If you are running a Dojo and teaching Karate, you are welcome to send your application for Branch Membership. However, we need to clarify a few points prior to deciding on your application such as; 1. Your present Style of Karate. 2. Your Rank details 3. Number of Dojo 4. Number of students 5. Number of Dan grades with you 6. Your reason to join JKAWF INDIA and so on.

I own 10 gyms. Can you give me a discounted deal for all my students to join JKAWF INDIA ?

We understand that running a dojo or fitness studio has some costs, and we appreciate your interest to join JKAWF INDIA. Please email us or call us with the details and an effective collaboration model which is beneficial to both parties can be worked out.

Can I promote my gym / school brand name on your Karate merchandise ?

The Do-Gi or Karate uniform should carry a JKAWF INDIA patch (logo) on the left chest. You may have your dojo patch on the left arm of the Karate Uniform. You can promote your brand on other merchandise like caps, jackets, mugs, t-shirts etc. beside the official logo of the JKAWF INDIA. 

What is the profit sharing model ?

Please reach out to JKAWF INDIA HQ or the State / District / Branch dojo with your proposal and requests regarding this. 

I want to start a karate school on my terrace / basement / garage. Can your team partner with me ?

Yes. That is absolutely possible. Share with us the details of the space and we can discuss this matter for a successful launch of a new JKAWF INDIA dojo ! 

I run an organization named “Unified Martial-art India”. Do I have to change the name if we join JKAWF INDIA ?

The JKA expects you incorporate and highlight the name of JKA. Therefore, you may just rename your organization as “JKAWFI – Unified Martial-art India” or “JKA Unified Martial-art India” and operate as a JKAWF INDIA affiliate. You must mention (A unit of JKAWF INDIA) in every document.

Can I carry out Kyu and Dan Grading Examinations for the students of my organisation ?

In JKA the JKA Licenced Examiners are only authorised to carry out Kyu Examinations. One needs to have special permission from the JKA HQ to carry out JKA Dan tests. In the JKAWF INDIA all Dan tests and other qualification examinations are carried out by the Japanese Examiners assigned by the JKA HQ, Tokyo until now. In recent time, the JKAWF INDIA is holding both in person and online Kyu grading examinations by our own JKA certified examiners and online Dan tests by the JKA HQ examiners from Japan. Issuing own Kyu and Dan certificates by printing the same in India is strictly prohibited and if found violated will result termination of JKA membership permanently.

What’s the Affiliation Fee to get affiliated with the JKAWF INDIA ?

The JKAWF INDIA do not have any Affiliation Fee as on date.

Are there any other formalities, restrictions, fees involved that I might need to know ?

The JKAWF INDIA expects all karate students and association instructors to hold “JKA Passport” that are issued from JKA HQ, Japan within the period of 6 months from the membership / affiliation; all Kyu grading candidates to have JKA Passport, all Kyu Certificates are to be issued by the JKAWF INDIA HQ in Kolkata (JKAWF INDIA Kyu Certificate or JKA Certificate) and all Dan Diplomas are issued by the JKA HQ in Japan. All students and instructors are required to have JKAWF INDIA “do-gi” chest patch to be worn at the left chest of “do-gi”. The detailed Fees Structure can be obtained from the JKAWF INDIA HQ.

Currently our karate organization is affiliated with “International ABC Federation”. May I continue that while I get membership of the JKAWF INDIA ?

The JKA strictly prohibits “dual membership affiliation”. To be a member or affiliate of the JKAWF INDIA your organization must be free from any attachment with any other martial arts organization. The JKA allows only to be affiliated with the local WKF national federation beside the JKA membership. Violation of this law will result permanent termination of membership from the JKA. 

Exam Related Queries

How many exams are conducted in a year ?

Kyu exams (which are the colour belt exams) are held 3 or 4 times a year. 

Black belt exams are held once a year.

How soon can I get a Black Belt ?

If you train diligently and appear for colour belt exams on time, then you can obtain a ‘Shodan’ Black Belt (1st Degree Black belt) in about 3 - 3.5 years. 

Can I appear for exams if I am training in a different dojo which is not part of JKAWF India ?

You need to be a member and train in a JKAWF INDIA affiliated dojo for a stipulated period to be eligible for exams based on your skill.

I have a 3rd Dan in Judo. Can I transfer my rank ?

Judo and Karate are two completely different Martial Arts (It’s like Basketball and Volleyball). Therefore you would have to follow the JKA Karate syllabus, train in it and appear for your Karate rank.

I have a 3rd Dan in another style of Karate / Taekwondo. Can I transfer my rank ?

Other styles of Karate and  Taekwondo has similarities and overlaps with JKA Shotokan Karate. Your previous training will help you make progress in the JKA syllabus. Therefore, train in the JKA syllabus as per the advice from your Sensei who would suggest you for an appropriate rank transfer. 

I have a letter of recommendation from my Sensei who is a 10th Dan. Can I directly appear for the 5th Dan Black belt ?

Nope ! Only your preparation and skills as per the JKA syllabus will earn you a rank. 

A letter of recommendation will earn you a big hug from us and a warm welcome to our dojo. 

I dont want to train but appear for JKA Exam. Is that possible ?

Training at a JKAWF INDIA dojo is mandatory for eligibility to appear in exams. 

JKA Related Queries

What is the advantage of getting a certificate from JKA ?

Certificates issued by JKA HQ, Tokyo or JKAWF INDIA are recognised worldwide.

It is a prestigious Diploma in the world of Martial Arts, which can be compared to a degree in Science or Engineering from the MIT or IITs. 

How can I become a JKA Licensed Examiner ?

Even to become an Examiner you have to appear for an Exam ! No freeway there. 

You need to attain minimum 3rd Dan in JKA, acquire Instructor and Judge qualifications prior to appearing to be a Licensed Examiner. You need to study and have special guidance for the qualifications.

What are the qualifications I can get from the JKA ?

The JKA awards Dan diplomas, License for Instructor, Judge and Examiner. 

Is JKA certification recognized by the NKF and WKF ?

Yes. JKA certifications are recognised by both NKF and WKF.

Will JKA Dan help me get a job as a Karate Instructor ?

JKA will not help you get a job. However, qualifications from JKA will help you get an edge over other applicants who don't have a JKA qualification.