JKA International Training Camps

Like you get your vehicle get serviced time to time from an authorised service centre; a karateka needs to get instructed, checked, rectified and ratified by the Japanese masters of karate in the JKA HQ in Tokyo twice a year during the spring and autumn. Such intensive international training camps (gasshuku) are also held in Bangkok, Thailand twice every year hosted by the JKA Asia-Oceania Karate Federation HQ.

In the JKAWF INDIA we team up with our eligible members to visit both, the JKA HQ in Japan and Bangkok time to time for the purpose of learning the fundamentals of the most advanced karate techniques, get checked, rectified, and ratified. These tours are being specially tailored to match the budget of the most middle-class families of our country. During the period of year 2015 and 2019 nearly 40 members have attended such training camps either in Thailand or in Japan.


  1. Antoniolab

    In these two days intensive training Shiina Shihan focused on correcting the fundamentals to standardise all in attendance as per JKA standard and chased all through some gruelling sessions of kumite drills that produced sweat and blood. Everybody that attended the camp have ultimately survived till the end, got the taste of hard-core JKA Karate, enjoyed and reported the feeling of abrupt finishing of the two days camp, craving for more with Shiina Shihan.


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